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YOUNG MATH LEGENDS - Available Soon!

Imagine if you could meet young versions of history's greatest thinkers Euclid, Newton, Lovelace, or Einstein. What if you could see how curiosity, creativity, and logic help these legends solve relatable problems that led to their greatest discoveries and contributions?

FLATLAND iBook for iPad

Original novel and illustrations by Edwin A. Abbott with images and clips from Flatland: the Movie and Flatland 2: Sphereland
Requirements: This book can only be viewed using iBooks 3.0 or later on an iPad. iOS 5.1 or later is required.

Hardcover Book - Princeton University Press
167 pages, 8.5x11"
Original Text of the Flatland Novel,
Essays by Thomas Banchoff and Filmmakers.
Screenplay and Production Art

FLATLAND Soundtrack

Original soundtrack by Kazimir Boyle
CD and MP3 Download Available


Original soundtrack by Kazimir Boyle
MP3 Download Available